About Bush Lapa Australia – East Coast


We entered the off-road camper market in 2009 with the first import of a Conqueror Commander into Australia, for which we became the official agents. Many lessons were learnt during this time, including the effect of coastal conditions on mild steel and that 3CR12 stainless steel is the way to go for strength, weight reduction and rust resistance.


We then introduced the Metalian Maxi, and again learnt more lessons. It was time to step up from camper trailers and bring the South African market leader off-road caravan to Australia. Enter the Bush Lapa range – lightweight stainless-steel off-road caravans that have been proven over the roughest African terrain for almost ten years. In fact, the smallest unit – a Hopper – weighs only 880kg but can sleep four inside.


We are delighted that we can bring these fantastic off-road caravans to Australia and would love to share more info with you. If you liked what we brought to Australia in the past, you will love what we have now!

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