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Bush Lapa Australia – East Coast

We have now experienced some of the great camping products originating from South Africa – now it’s time to introduce the market leader that dominates them all – Bush Lapa.

Bush Lapa has been building compact off-road caravans since 2010. The emphasis was on creating a light weight caravan that is rust proof and with full off-road ability. This was achieved and proven over the roughest African terrain over the past decade. The Bush Lapa range includes various models, ranging from the compact Hopper 2, 3 or 4 bed to the 4 or 6 bed Badger. Then the Baobab model slots in between them. By using 3CR12 stainless steel throughout the construction, the weight was kept to only 860kg for the 4 bed Hopper, 1090kg for the 4 bed Baobab and 1150kg for the 4 bed Badger.

Whether you are on a solo expedition or an adventurous family who loves to make the most of every weekend, Bush Lapa’s range of offroad caravans will go wherever your GPS takes you. Designed for adventure and built by adventurers. They are tough, reliable, light and agile, just like your 4X4. From two sleepers to our spacious six sleeper, we’ve got a caravan that is fit for you.

Please come and inspect the build quality and design before committing your hard-earned money – and let us help create the dream you and your family deserve.

The brand-new Baobab range provides ample space for four people. Discover the Australian outdoors in rugged style, with plenty of storage space for longer stays in the wild.

The caravan that turns ordinary parents into superheroes. The Hopper 4 is the ideal choice for the family that loves to turn every school holiday into an unforgettable adventure.

Got friends? Take them on a real adventure with this rugged and ready-for-anything caravan. Spacious enough to sleep 3 adults on a single fronted and double side bed.

This little guy really packs a punch. It’s ideal for adventurous couples who love to cook up a storm wherever they travel.

Extended family? Extend their horizons with the ultimate off-road caravan. This is our flagship, the godfather of caravans.

Give your family a home in the wild, with Australia’s most reliable off-road caravan, adapted for Australian conditions. Wherever you set up camp, it will feel like supreme luxury.


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